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CoddedBrain is a team of software developers working in the field of Application Development, Barcode Solutions, Web Development, Mobile Apps, E-Commerce and Business Automation processes.We are the best Information Technology Company. Providing the highest quality in hardware & Network solutions. About more than 25 years of experience and 100+ of innovative achievements.
We would be pleased to work with you and would like to introduce you to the solutions available through us in the field of Software & Information Technology. One of the pioneers in providing I.T. Infrastructure and Solutions on various platforms. Software & IT Solutions has been patronized by the corporate world since inception.
We believe in only serving trust and loyalty to our customers whoever need us by providing best IT services at a Fair Price.

Our great team of more than 15+ software experts.
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About CoddedBrain

Transform Your Business With The Leading Software & IT Solution's Provider

We listen. We advise. We design, together. Happy customers and ongoing relationships are what we strive for. Success is measured by results, the most important being how our clients feel about their experience with us.
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Our History
A company set up with global perspective in mind. Started by entrepreneurs with a vision to excel beyond horizons of the virtual information technology world.
Our Vision
To be among the top IT companies serving clients around the world, round the clock, thereby maintaining long term relationship with them and be the one of them.
Our Mission
To provide cost effective, timely and technology driven end-to-end IT solutions to grow and rise with every project.


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Primary (core or key) business process

Primary (core or key) business process. This essential set of processes adds value to the company's offers and delivers the product to the customers. Key business processes examples include product development, product delivery, customer acquisition, and more.

Support business process

Unlike primary processes, the ones in this category do not generate value directly. However, they create an environment for the efficient operation of the core processes and support everyday business needs. Support business process examples include procurement, employee onboarding, development and satisfaction.

Management business process

This set of processes involves setting business goals and developing operational standards that support the primary and support processes's efficiency. Strategic, tactical, and operational planning, monitoring, and control are all examples of management business processes.
Steps of Our Business Process

Real Time Monitoring Your Infrstracture
With Branded Digital Solutions


Set the goal you wish to achieve

The purpose of the process should be measurable and possess clear deliverables. If you don't understand how to evaluate the process' success, you need to narrow down your goal further


Map out your strategies for achieving the goals you set

At this step, you should get the big picture view of the operations and resources you will need to implement or use to accomplish the goal.


Define individual tasks

Use your strategic map to identify every small action your team needs to take to achieve the goal of the business process. You should also assign every task to individual stakeholders and provide them with the necessary resources, including hardware and software.


Perform a test run

Scale down the process and test it out in real-life conditions. Get feedback from stakeholders, observe bottlenecks and troubles, and adjust the initial process to prevent them.


Implement the business process

Once you are satisfied with test results, scale the process up, and use it in a live environment. To ensure all stakeholders are on the same page, set up efficient communication and training framework.


Keep track of implementation results

Do not leave the business process to its own devices. Monitor the results, review the metrics and analyze patterns. You should also document any changes in the process.


What We Actually Do

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